Scoreboard Instructions

Make sure to attache the antenna to the back of the console

Set 5 minute warm up time: 

  • Push “set main clock”
  • Type 5:00 0 (make sure you have enough zeros)
  • Push enter/Yes

When the referees are ready push the yellow horn button and the green start button to start the clock 

Period 1 and 2: 

  • Set 15 minute time by again using “set main clock” 1500 0
  • Stop the clock only for injuries and entering penalties
  • Restart clock when the puck drops
  • Penalties in these periods
  • 1:30 for squirts and peewees
  • 2:00 for bantams and above

Period 3: 

  • Set 12 minute time for the period 
  • Stop the clock at every whistle and restart when the puck drops
  • Run the clock if the goal differential is 6 or more
  • Penalties in the third period are 1:00 for squirts and peewees and remain 2:00 for bantams and above. 


  • Push the +1 for the appropriate team (if you put it in the wrong place you fix it with the -1 button)


  • Change periods with the +1 period button (if you add too much you just go back around with the +1 button)


  • Push the “player penalty” button for the appropriate team
  • Type the players number and enter
  • Type the appropriate time and enter
  • If a power play goal is scored hit clear all penalties and enter twice
  • If there is a 10 minute major you only enter the appropriate time for the minor (such as 1:30) and then time the 10 minute major yourself after the 1:30 is up. You let the penalty box know when that player can come out

Confirm Delete
Click the delete icon again to confirm. Click escape to cancel.