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FVHA Learn to Skate

Welcome to another season of skating at the IceBox.  The Fraser Valley Hockey Association (FVHA) welcomes you and your children to our Learn to Skate program (LTS),and wants you to come prepared.

We will need your participation in getting the kids ready to be on the ice and available during the time on the ice in the event that they have to use the restroom, warm their cold fingers, toes & noses (please dress them for the cold) or wipe their tears.

Our goal is to get them confident, then competent on skates, and we will move those who want to play hockey onto the appropriate age team when ready.  If they want to play hockey that is.  Moving onto a team will require fees above the LTS fee, and the LTS fee will be deducted from the total.

Our progression is as follows; learn to dress, learn get off the ground and then the ice when they fall, learn to walk, run, use edges inside and out, jump over obstacles, all while moving forward.  Then we work on doing it backward.  Competency can be achieved during the LTS class (6 weeks, 12 ice sessions) or even sooner if they are having fun.

The season is broken into 2 sessions; Session one - ages 6-10 year olds every Tuesday & Wednesday starting November 5,6 through December 17,18. No class Thanksgiving week.  The goal here is to move these kids onto a hockey team when they are ready.

Session two; ages 4-6 begins January 7,8 through February 11,12 again these are Tuesday & Wednesday.  These kids can also move onto a team if and when ready.

Golf Tournament

Thank you to everyone who came out to the golf tournament and made it such a great success. We wanted to give a special thank you to all of our sponsors!

FVHA Newsletter September 2019 (Corrected)

Welcome to another exciting hockey season! This is our first newsletter of the season and it is full of information to get things started. In the future, these newsletters will be sent out through the team managers as well as posted to the website.

We have a new Youth Hockey Director, Omari Whitmore. He is very interested in getting to know everyone. He can be reached at if you have any questions or concerns.

1. Registration is open. Please go to Fraser Valley Hockey to register your player.

2. Scholarship applications are open. There is a link on the Fraser Valley Hockey registration page.

3. Regular practice at our rink will start as soon as possible with schedule similar to last year. Ice at our rink is guaranteed for October 19 and expected earlier. Early Season practices at the Edge are scheduled for 10:45-11:45 September 27 for Peewee and up, October 4 and October 11th for Squirt and up. Players must be registered to join our practices and play games with our teams.

4. In addition to registration, payment is due for this seasons skate rentals if you held skates over summer or need to rent for this season.  Rental night date TBD.

5. Peewee, Bantam, and Midgets could have games scheduled as early as September 28th. Squirts could have games as early as October 19th.

6.Team organizational meetings will be scheduled soon. Coaches and team managers are still being determined. Please let us know if you are interested in helping in this area.

7.Dryland, Mites/Minimites and Learn to Skate will start in November.

8.There is a mandatory SafeSport meeting for all parents, including Mites,  October 7th and players October 8th. Please add this to your calendar.


FVHA would like to thank our sponsors.  Please show your appreciation.

Welcome to the Fraser Valley Hockey Association








Sports unite, create friendships and togetherness. It's a great way to keep in shape while having fun with a team. Fraser Valley Hockey Association is always looking for new members to join and become active members of our club. To learn more, please call 970-531-4248 or email us at