Learn To Skate

Welcome to another season of skating at the IceBox. The Fraser Valley Hockey Association (FVHA) welcomes you and your children to our Learn to Skate program (LTS),and wants you to come prepared.

We will need your participation in getting the kids ready to be on the ice and available during the time on the ice in the event that they have to use the restroom, warm their cold fingers, toes & noses (please dress them for the cold) or wipe their tears.

Our goal is to get them confident, then competent on skates. Our progression is as follows; learn to dress, learn get off the ground and then the ice when they fall, learn to walk, run, use edges inside and out, jump over obstacles, all while moving forward. Then we work on doing it backward. Competency can be achieved during the LTS class (6 weeks, 12 ice sessions) or even sooner if they are having fun.


Learn to Skate is appropriate for all ages for kids who have not skated before.


Learn to Skate starts October 24th and runs for 6 weeks with a break during Thanksgiving.


All sessions take place at the IceBox ice rink.


Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:15-6:15

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