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Learn to skate and Mite info

On December 12 at 5:15-6:15 we will begin the process of checking out equipment for the Learn to Skate and Mites who do not have equipment.  Those who are ready will be able to get on the ice and skate.  This will be a very informal skate due to the expected chaos.  Mites will start with more structured teaching on 12/14 and Learn to Skate will begin with formal teaching on 12/19. Learn to Skate meets on Monday only 5:15-6:15, Mini-Mite and Mite meet M & W at 5:15-6:15, and then we break until after the holidays, and resume on 1/2/17 for 5 weeks.  If the kids in the Learn to skate are proficient at the end of the program, then they can register for Mini-mite or mite and continue for the remainder of the season which ends in late February or early March.

The $75 learn to skate fee will be credited to the other program they enter into.

Learn to Skate is $75 and equipment rental is $70 with a $35 deposit,  refunded at the return of equipment, and Mite is $250 for the season and comes with  socks and jersey that the kids get to keep. All registration for Mite, Learn to Skate, and equipment can be filled out on the home page link: registration, youth, and select the items you need to register for.

Welcome to the Fraser Valley Hockey Association

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